Dr. V. Prakash

On behalf of Team India and Team IUFoST, it is a great pleasure and privilege to invite you and the fraternity of Food Scientists and Technologists from your country, region and the segment of industry to this 19th World Congress of Food Science and Technology which will be held at CIDCO International Convention Centre, Mumbai, India during October 23 to 27, 2018. The International Union of Food Science and Technology (IUFoST) (a member of ICSU) is a global Scientific Organisation for Food Science and Technology representing over 3,00,000 members from more than 75 Countries along with the many regional groups, disciplinary groups and affiliated bodies and reflects the latest scientific status of Food Science and Technology every two years from around the globe. Even though the IUFoST Congress has been held in many Countries several times this is the first time IUFoST is having its global congress in India. In fact, it is coming back to Asia after ten years from Shanghai through Capetown, Iguazu, Montreal and Dublin in 2016.

The Team Global IUFoST, India Congress 2018 Team with experts representing the global and the local food science and technology Fraternity have selected the focal theme "25 Billion Meals a Day by 2025 with Healthy, Nutritious, Safe and Diverse Foods" which is important in the Current Context of Food and Health. This theme shall integrate the concept from Farm to Folk by interfacing and interjecting as well as networking with a plethora of several areas related to Food Science and Technology in the congress.

The target highlights about 250 plus internationally well known speakers of high repute along with special Plenary talks and 60 plus Scientific sessions and more than 800 poster presentations with a spectrum of about 3000 plus delegates. It shall attract about 10,000 business visitors to nurture more than 150 industries participating in the expo with 500 booths in the sprawling CIDCO Center in Mumbai.

The program on First day shall start with workshops and a welcome get together in the evening. Second day, we shall host the Gala opening, scientific sessions, Posters and EXPO on October 24, 2018, followed by three more interesting days of Science and Technology which is the focus of this Congress. I, as the Chairman of the Congress, am very confident that the Event Knowledge and Managing Partner of the Congress is rightly

in the hands of world renowned Company M/s MM Activ Sci-Tech Communications Pvt. Ltd. with the help of all the committees will leave no stone unturned to make it one of the best Scientific and Business endeavours for Academia and Industries on behalf of IUFoST Congress and at the same time give opportunity for the aspiring participants from Asia, Africa and the mid-Western region along with the prime institutions of Food Science and Technology for both R&D, Academia and Industry (including IAFoST, the academy arm of IUFoST), and 76 plus adhering bodies to be a part of sharing state of art knowledge from all over the globe which will make this event perhaps a more successful IUFoST event than expected!

Such an event will not be complete, unless you hear about the latest Innovations from industry and in turn interact closely with the industry. I also welcome all the CEO's of the Food industries globally and locally to be present for conference at least for a day in this epoch making Congress to not only lead from the front be a future inspiration to this IUFoST. We welcome you to have intense discussions with the Global Leaders in Science and Technology with B to B interactions and take the agenda of this global congress to truly live the theme of "25 Billion Meals a Day by 2025 with Healthy, Nutritious, Safe and Diverse Foods".

Your mind must be already in India and by coming to the congress with planning ahead you would experience the unique Incredible India and the expose of not only IUFoST congress, but also the cultural heritage, the traditional knowledge and wisdom following 6000 years of documentation for this unique experience you need to travel around India and therefore though this congress will require the five days do keep an additional 5 days to touch India more! One can experience India through the passion, the compassion and the fashion (perhaps Bollywood!) as well as the sculpture, topography, people, language and 3000 plus traditional foods. This would be something that will take you beyond IUFoST Congress 2018. Any help and clarifications you need, please do not hesitate to contact us and I am confident that you will enjoy this Congress for excellent Science and Business and exceeding your expectation by adding Art culture & cuisine.

See you at Mumbai with your family and friends next year during October end. Please contact the Organizers way ahead in advance to make sure that we know your programme and you know IUFoST programme in all its detail.

Together, it is important that it is as much of your IUFoST, as much as anybody else's and you will make the difference in this Congress by your esteemed presence. Please ensure you will make this congress wider and deeper by communicating with your respective Governments, and Friends in the Profession. Look forward to see you in the Congress.


Chairman, 19th IUFoST World Congress of Food Science & Technology 2018, Mumbai, India

Former Director of CFTRI, Mysore, India &

Distinguished Scientist of CSIR, India

Email: prakashvish@gmail.com



India situated in southern Asia is unique and unparalleled in its location and nature. India, a vast subcontinent, varied and complex in its rich heritage and astounding diversity of religions, languages, and cultures is among the oldest in the world. The diverse culture of living food practices, customs, religions, arts, dance, music, architecture, yoga, meditation, and languages is a way of life for the people of India.

India is recognized for its rich heritage and culture. But, today it is also emerging as a global economic power with imigne dynamism.

India has always had a strong focus on Science and Technology, realizing that it is a key element for economic growth. With support from the government, considerable investment and development has occurred in different sectors such as agriculture, healthcare, space research, alternate energy like nuclear power, Food Science and Technology through scientific research and its advancement.

Modern India is now set to emerge as one of the fastest-growing economies in the world. Some of the important Indian businesses are in the sectors of Agriculture and Plantation Crops, Automobiles, Aviation, Banking, Biotechnology, Cement, Financial Services, FOOD INDUSTRY, Healthcare, Information Technology, Oil & Gas, Retail, Steel, Textiles, Telecommunications, Tourism & Hospitality and Education at all Levels and capacity Development to mention a few. With these numerous sectors on the horizon, the scope of doing business in India has grown by magnitudes of Orders.

The Indian food industry, one of the largest industry sectors in India is poised for continuous and huge growth, increasing its contribution to world food trade every year. The food industry, which is currently valued nearly at US$ 40 billion, is expected to grow at a compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) of 11 per cent to near US$ 70 billion by 2018. The Indian food and grocery market is currently the world's sixth largest with retail contributing to 70 per cent of the sales. The Indian food retail market is expected to reach US$ 915 billion by 2020 (Source: Indian Food Processing Industry Analysis-IBEF India Brand Equity Foundation).

With a population of over 1.2 billion, qualified human resources, more liberalized process of business, science based robust food safety standards, a rapidly expanding middle class eager to spend on processed and packed food, a brand savvy and adventurous mindset, India is perhaps emerging as the best destination to do business in food sectors that offers untapped opportunity for global stakeholders throughout the food chain. The presence of global industries and the small & medium scale industries have revolutionized Indian market and consumer demand.

The IUFoST congress at Mumbai in 2018 is the right time and place to tap these opportunities dynamically and lift IUFoST to higher orbits for its global presence through Academia, R&D Institutions, Industries and Public - Private sector interface with the right ambiance that we have in India for encouraging and consolidating this sector. Welcome to IUFoST 2018 in India. Please plan well ahead of time to make the most of your visit.


We are delighted to announce that the 19th edition of this prestigious global event, IUFoST-World Congress of Food Science and Technology 2018 will be held in Mumbai, India from October 23-27, 2018. The financial, commercial and entertainment capital of India, Mumbai is home to various prominent financial institutions including the Reserve Bank of India, Bombay Stock Exchange and headquarters of numerous Indian and multinational companies. We look forward to welcoming you to this vibrant city to gain knowledge and do business with the food science and technology fraternity with Science of Business and Business of Science!

The Focal Theme of the 19th IUFoST World Congress is "25 Billion Meals a Day by 2025 with Healthy, Nutritious, Safe and Diverse Foods". The India Edition of 19th IUFoST World Congress is chaired by globally eminent and well known Food Scientist and Technologist, Dr. Vish Prakash. He is leading the way forward with his insight and knowledge of IUFoST for the past 20 plus years in different capacities with his leadership in Indian and region and globally over the past 45 Years.
Dr. P.G. Rao, an eminent Food engineer will act as Scientific Committee Chair and will structure the content of the Science for Innovating the Innovation.
Dr. M.C. Varadaraj, is the Poster Committee Chair and will organize the poster session Walkway to Discovery led by young IUFoST gallery globally and new career start up young faculty.

The India Foods Expo will showcase the exciting array of food products from across the globe and India and be abuzz with B2B meetings and interactions. Networking events would offer the opportunity to relax with friends from the sector and make new contacts and take forward business relationships in a congenial environment.


The International Union of Food Science and Technology (IUFoST) is the global scientific organization for food science and technology representing over 300,000 members from more than 75 countries. IUFoST has five regional groupings: ALACCTA - Central and South America; EFFoST - Europe; FIFSTA - ASEAN countries; MENAFoST - Middle East and North Africa; and WAAFoST -West Africa. IUFoST is the only scientific organization for Food Science and Technology elected by its scientific peers across disciplines into ICSU (International Science Council), and it represents food science and technology to other international organizations. IUFoST organizes world food congresses, among many other activities to stimulate the ongoing exchange of knowledge in scientific disciplines and technologies relating to the expansion, improvement, distribution and conservation of the world's food supply. For more details please visit -www.iufost.org

Indian National Science Academy, a premier Science Academy in the country plays a crucial role in promoting, recognizing and rewarding excellence as the adhering body. Another important task is to publish journals, organize scientific discussions and bring out proceedings and monographs. The Academy promotes public awareness and understanding of science. Acting as link between the scientific community and the planners, it advises the government on critical issues. Importantly, it serves as a forums for interaction among scientists within and outside the country. It recognizes many top young scientists, engineers and technologists by awarding them medals and providing modest support for pursuing research activities to needy young researchers. Senior scientists are honoured with different awards/medals and the prestigious Research Professorship. For More Details please visit - www.insa.nic.in

MM Activ Sci-Tech Communications was conceived in the year 2001 as an Integrated B2B Knowledge Media Organization in the field of Science & Technology, with a global perspective. MM Activ has been engaged in the field of Frontier Science & Technology through its key business verticals of Media, Events, Partnering and Advisory. MM Activ is also the publisher of Leading Business Magazines - BioSpectrum (Asia & India) & NuFFooDS Spectrum. MM Activ has created Knowledge & Business Platforms in sectors like Agrotech & Commodities, Coffee Export & Equipment's, Biotechnology, Nutraceuticals, Sustainable Chemistry and Catalysis, IT & Electronics, MRO, Nanotechnology, Renewable Energy, Space Technology, Water Loss and R&D & Higher Education. For More Details please visit - www.mmactiv.com

This you would witness around 50 Organisations coming together to make this event happen with a powerful agenda of the Theme "25 Billion Meals a Day by 2025, with Healthy, Nutritious, Safe and Diverse Foods"



It would sound very cliched to call Mumbai the New York of India, but that is what describes this city of dreams the best. It depicts the place that is always up and about, a city with a spirit of gold and a determination to never to say give up!. Mumbai is a melting pot of different cultures, thoughts and foods from across the World. Also the country's and regions financial powerhouse, the nation's industrial heartland, and economic nerve centre, it is also called as the commercial capital of India. It is also the heartland of world famous film industry, popularly known as Bollywood!

Mumbai popularly known as the "city that never sleeps" generates 25% of India's industrial output, 5% of India's GDP, 70% of the total capital transactions that take place in the Indian economy and 40% of the maritime trade (as mentioned in the business venture of MapsofIndia.com).

The city's industries include petrochemicals, automobile manufacturing, metal industries, electronics, engineering, food processing and a wide range of light manufacturing units and an array of leading educational Institutions. More specialized economic activities are diamond cutting, computers and movie making (Mumbai is the Bollywood Capital of the World).

Mumbai is home for many big financial institutions like the National Stock Exchange, the Bombay Stock Exchange, Reserve Bank of India, several multinational corporates & many Indian companies, corporate headquarters. Mumbai has a prime place in the wide growth of Indian television industry. Most of the Bollywood studios are situated in Mumbai. You can also see a perfect blend of many communities & cultures in Mumbai including variety of Ethnic and Traditional Foods spread across length and breadth of Mumbai. A city well connected to most of the countries by direct flights has a modern Airport which is about 45 minutes by Taxi to the venue and its surroundings hotels.


Reason To attend

Meet, Learn, Network and get Inspired from some of the most fascinating and accomplished professionals from established, evolving and emerging markets in the Science of Food. Some reasons to help you make sure you get the most out of the experience of participating IUFoST 2018 are :

1. To network:

Presenters and Food Industry experts are more accessible and many of them are at the event to expand their own professional connections. Check the list of Speakers, Exhibitors and Visitors attending the conference, prepare a list to who you would like to meet. Also, do not forget to include great networking opportunities such as the Interactive Session at the Expo, Inaugural Reception, Award Session, Gala Dinner and Valedictory Session and B2B interactions.

Keep sufficient open space in your schedule to network and collaborate with other conference participants.

Take advantage of both formal (such as the Inaugural Reception) and informal (such as common areas of the event) to meet new people both in person and digitally through INTERLINX (a special tool to fix meetings and appointments much before the Congress starts and also during the Congress).

2. To Learn:

This is the time to expand your knowledge. You will hear a lot about things in your field that will be new to you. These could be new techniques, new types of equipment, unpublished data and innovations from thought-leaders in food science that you may not have previously heard of. You will get updated with the research of well known scientists in your field, in addition to meeting young folks and gain feast of knowledge.

3. To Seek Business Opportunity:

Many attendees come to a conference to build a network and seek new business opportunity. Grow your personal brand. Encounter new vendors and suppliers. Too often people shy away from the trade show exhibit hall at conferences. They fear that they will have to talk to sales people, but these industry suppliers are some of the best people for you to get to know, if you want to learn more about the current business climate. Know what is happening inside your competition. Discover innovative products and services for your business which is necessary to stay competitive in today's fast-paced world. Invest time with the sponsors and exhibitors at the event and turn them into your friends and allies. Make on-site lead generation, match attendees and schedule appointments.

This is also a place where you may be spotted for a lucrative job offer, as companies will be seeking expertise and opportunities may come your way.

4. Have Fun and a Taste of India:

Mumbai, a city of extremes, a city of paradoxes, a city of unlimited possibilities and surprises, this is a city that defies all definitions. The heart of Bollywood, the commercial capital, a melting pot of cultures, traditions and religions, Mumbai has a little something tucked in for every kind of visitor that comes her way. The first is to fix a date of travel and the length of stay. The advantage of doing this is that you can enjoy quality prices offered for advance booking on air tickets. Check all Tourist attraction at our page on www.iufost2018.com. Make a list of places to visit. Check the route as well as the duration and plan ahead either before October 23 and/or after October 27, 2018.

5. Take It Forward:

While it's still fresh in your mind (perhaps on the ride home), write a concise 1-2 page summary of what happened at the event and people you have to contact and how you will use the information to further the initiatives of your organization. Use your onsite agenda and conference notes to help you capture important details.

6. Share the insights:

If the knowledge you gained might also be useful to others in your organization, consider rewriting portions of your summary as a blog or sharing it with others and make sure those who unfortunately could not be present also get the benefit after you go back from the Congress.


CIDCO Exhibition Centre

CIDCO Exhibition Centre is Mumbai's only planned state-of-the-art Convention Complex that has an Exhibition Centre, Conference Facilities and Business Centre with ample parking.

The Centre is most strategically located at Vashi, adjacent to Mumbai-Pune Highway. The Venue has in the close vicinity Railway Station, Multi-Cuisine Restaurants, Business Hotels of varying categories, MNCs, Educational Institutes, well-known DY Patil Stadium and places of entertainment. The Centre undoubtedly has all the elements required to ensure easy access and make your event a grand success!

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The Congress plans to bring all sectors from FARM to FOLK together to feed the Growing Population of the world. Hence the Theme.

"25 Billion Meals a Day by 2025 with Healthy, Nutritious, Safe and Diverse FOODS"

Unless there is synergy between engineering and Food Science and Technology with fundamental Food Chemistry and backward integration of agriculture and forward integration of ingredients, innovative processes and cost effective methods of distribution of foods, prevention of food wastes and losses, the agenda of future foods and sustainable nutrition for all is not easy to achieve. It is our fond hope that the subject of Food Science and Technology starts vibrating even in the minds of subject experts not involved with Food Science, Technology and Engineering to open up their doors for Food Science community to enter the untraversed paths and find new ways of thinking to ensure that every human and animal in this globe will have fair and sumptuous nutritious food with safety. The link of traditional foods with modern Science and Technology for networking the local foods to global level. The congress to address this in depth and work towards it to achieve the goal of feeding all by networking with different disciplines both related or not related to food. Hunger can only be felt and suffered and no one can die in this world with hunger with all the developments we have at our palm. This shall drive the passion and compassion of the IUFoST 2018 theme.

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