The Theme of the Congress is are that of putting all Sectors in place to feed the World Growing Population for FARM to FOLK is what it reflects.

"25 Billion Meals a Day by 2025 with Healthy, Nutritious, Safe and Diverse Foods"

Unless there is a synergy of engineering with Food Science and Technology and fundamentals from Food Chemistry and with backward integration of agriculture and forward integration of ingredients, innovative processes and cost effective methods of distribution of foods, prevention of food wastes and losses, the agenda of future foods and sustainable nutrition for all is not easy to achieve. It is our fond hope that this subject of Food Science and Technology starts vibrating in the minds of even unrelated subject experts not involved with Food Science and Technology and Engineering to open up their doors for Food Scientists community to enter those untraversed paths and find new ways of thinking to ensure that every human and animal in this globe will have fair and sumptuous nutritious food with safety. The link of traditional foods to satisfy with the modern advent of Science and Technology interfacing to take the local foods to global level and to bring global foods to the local is the Challenge for tomorrow for all of us. The congress likes to address this in depth putting its hard work to achieve partly if not fully this goal of Feeding all with the networks of different disciplines and sectors both related and unrelated to Food to achieve this objective. Hunger can only be felt and suffered and no child or mother or a human can die in this world with hunger with all the developments we have at our palm. This shall drive the passion and compassion of the 2018 theme of IUFoST.


CIDCO Exhibition Centre
Vashi, Navi Mumbai