One of the major scientific programmes of 19th IUFoST is the poster presentation that provides a unique opportunity for students, researchers and academicians and are Industry R&D to present their research breakthroughs in multi-facets of food science and technology for interactions with global and national scientific fraternity. The participation of distinguished delegates across the globe representing a diverse range of industries, national institutions, centres of academic excellence, national & multi-national business houses, government policy makers, non-government organizations and other leading professionals is a rare opportunity for the young students and researchers to share their research intellect in sharpening their scientific capabilities as well as look for futuristic career growth in their area of desired expertise. The 19th IUFoST Congress encourages to have large number of poster presentations with a competitive angle in terms of awarding several prizes for Best Posters in many subject categories. The poster presentation sessions will be arranged in parallel with scientific sessions and other events and will be open for longer hours for better viewing and interactions such that people do not miss, posters for sessions or vice versa! There will be some overlap on time and that in any global meeting is unavoidable.

The poster presentation is only for registered delegates and each registered delegate is entitled to be an author and present not more than TWO posters at the 19th IUFoST India 2018 Congress.


CIDCO Exhibition Centre
Vashi, Navi Mumbai