Dr. V. Prakash

On behalf of Team India and Team IUFoST, it is a great pleasure and privilege to invite you and the fraternity of Food Scientists and Technologists from your country, region and the segment of industry to this 19th World Congress of Food Science and Technology which will be held at CIDCO International Convention Centre, Mumbai, India during October 23 to 27, 2018. The International Union of Food Science and Technology (IUFoST) (a member of ICSU) is a global Scientific Organisation for Food Science and Technology representing over 3,00,000 members from more than 75 Countries along with the many regional groups, disciplinary groups and affiliated bodies and reflects the latest scientific status of Food Science and Technology every two years from around the globe. Even though the IUFoST Congress has been held in many Countries several times this is the first time IUFoST is having its global congress in India. In fact, it is coming back to Asia after ten years from Shanghai through Capetown, Iguazu, Montreal and Dublin in 2016.

The Team Global IUFoST, India Congress 2018 Team with experts representing the global and the local food science and technology Fraternity have selected the focal theme "25 Billion Meals a Day by 2025 with Healthy, Nutritious, Safe and Diverse Foods" which is important in the Current Context of Food and Health. This theme shall integrate the concept from Farm to Folk by interfacing and interjecting as well as networking with a plethora of several areas related to Food Science and Technology in the congress.

The target highlights about 250 plus internationally well known?speakers of high repute along with special Plenary talks and 60 plus Scientific sessions and more than 800 poster presentations with a spectrum of about 3000 plus delegates. It shall attract about 10,000 business visitors to nurture more than 150 industries participating in the expo with 500 booths in the sprawling CIDCO Center in Mumbai.

The program on First day shall start with workshops and a welcome get together in the evening. Second day, we shall host the Gala opening, scientific sessions, Posters and EXPO on October 24, 2018, followed by three more interesting days of Science and Technology which is the focus of this Congress. I, as the Chairman of the Congress, am very confident that the Event Knowledge and Managing Partner of the Congress is rightly

in the hands of world renowned Company M/s MM Activ Sci-Tech Communications Pvt. Ltd. with the help of all the committees will leave no stone unturned to make it one of the best Scientific and Business endeavours for Academia and Industries on behalf of IUFoST Congress and at the same time give opportunity for the aspiring participants from Asia, Africa and the mid-Western region along with the prime institutions of Food Science and Technology for both R&D, Academia and Industry (including IAFoST, the academy arm of IUFoST), and 76 plus adhering bodies to be a part of sharing state of art knowledge from all over the globe which will make this event perhaps a more successful IUFoST event than expected!

Such an event will not be complete, unless you hear about the latest Innovations from industry and in turn interact closely with the industry. I also welcome all the CEO's of the Food industries globally and locally to be present for conference at least for a day in this epoch making Congress to not only lead from the front be a future inspiration to this IUFoST. We welcome you to have intense discussions with the Global Leaders in Science and Technology with B to B interactions and take the agenda of this global congress to truly live the theme of "25 Billion Meals a Day by 2025 with Healthy, Nutritious, Safe and Diverse Foods".

Your mind must be already in India and by coming to the congress with planning?ahead you would experience the unique Incredible India and the expose of not only IUFoST congress, but also the cultural heritage, the traditional knowledge and wisdom following 6000 years of documentation for this unique experience you need to travel around India and therefore though this congress will require the five days do keep an additional 5 days to touch India more! One can experience India through the passion, the compassion and the fashion (perhaps Bollywood!) as well as the sculpture, topography, people, language and 3000 plus traditional foods. This would be something that will take you beyond IUFoST Congress 2018. Any help and clarifications you need, please do not hesitate to contact us and I am confident that you will enjoy this Congress for excellent Science and Business and exceeding your expectation by adding Art culture & cuisine.

See you at Mumbai with your family and friends next year during October end. Please contact the Organizers way ahead in advance to make sure that we know your programme and you know IUFoST programme in all its detail.

Together, it is important that it is as much of your IUFoST, as much as anybody else's and you will make the difference in this Congress by your esteemed presence. Please ensure you will make this congress wider and deeper by communicating with your respective Governments, and Friends in the Profession. Look forward to see you in the Congress.


Chairman, 19th IUFoST World Congress of Food Science & Technology 2018, Mumbai, India

Former Director of CFTRI, Mysore, India?&

Distinguished Scientist of CSIR, India

Email: prakashvish@gmail.com

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